at the tips of my fingers / on the tip of my tongue


Piano concerto: Piano solo and string orchestra


by Ellen Ugelvik, with support from The Norwegian Composers’ fund


ca. 15 min


Ellen Ugelvik, who commissioned and premiered this piece, wrote the following about it:

at the tips of my fingers/on the tip of my tongue” is built around elements of both vocal and instrumental sound and makes use of Leiknes Thorsens unique catalogue of samples. The soloist’s and the ensemble’s tasks are often separated, but nonetheless cross paths, exploring material they have in common as well as each other’s sounds.”

The piece was part of Ellen Ugelvik’s artistic Phd. You can read more about it here.

at the tips of my fingers / on the tip of my tongue was nominated for the Edvard Prize (contemporary category) in 2016.

Video from the world premiere


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World premiere

by Ellen Ugelvik and Ensemble Allegria, led by Berit Cardas, 16th of April 2015, Aulaen, Oslo

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