Ræsvelg på nordhimmelen


String orchestra


by NOSO String Orchestra, suppoerted by Arts Council Norway


3 min


One of several pieces commissioned by NOSO String Orchestra for their project “Fra skapelse til Ragnarok” (“From Creation to Ragnarok”), with texts by Tor Åge Bringsværd.

The Norwegian title translates to “Ræsvelg in the northern sky”. (Ræsvelg is a figure in northern mythology.)


From the concert program:

Once upon a time …

Back when gods roamed the earth and humans could still see them. The ancient stories of Odin and Tor, Balder, Frøya and Loke are a ubiquitous part of our cultural heritage. They deserve to be kept alive. It is a question of having roots, or provenance.

Furthermore: myths and fairy tales never lose their relevance. That’s because they’re not just about “once upon a time” or “way back when”. You might as well say “every time” and “always”. Nonetheless, every generation must claim them anew. Recount them again and again, in their own way. Inspect them through the lense of their own daily life.

In this premiere, Tor Åge Bringsværds words form the thread that binds together eight newly composed pieces by contemporary composers Michael Grolid, Bente Leiknes Thorsen, Ewa Serafin, Ståle Kleiberg, Christian Lindberg, Peder Barratt-Due, Marcus Paus og Henning Kraggerud.

Video from the premiere


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World premiere

by NOSO String Orchestra at Verdensteateret in Tromsø, Norway, 9th of February 2017

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