Norsk Potpourri – hits 18142014


Soprano and piano quintet


by Sunnmøre Chamber Music Festival, with support from Arts Council Norway


ca 13 minutter


Sunnmøre Festival for Chamber Music commissioned a 10-minute piece for their 2014 festival and wished for me to relate it to the anniversary of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. I set out to write a 600 second piece with 200 years of Norwegian music at my disposal.

The Norwegian title translates to “Norwegian Potpourri – hits 18142014”.

Video from the premiere

Concert recording (from the premiere)


Please contact the composer


World premiere


at Sunnmøre Chamber Music Festival 2014 by Berit Norbakken Solset, Annar Follesø, Sølve Sigerland, Eriikka Nylund, Jonathan Aasgaard and Wolfgang Plagge

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