Lush darkness – glaring light


Bass trombone, solo


by Clare Farr, with support from The Norwegian Composers’ fund


5-6 min


Clare Farr released a solo album in 2022 and invited me to write a new piece for solo bass trombone for this occasion.

I wrote the piece after having had many conversations, meetings and run-throughs with Clare. I wanted to make a piece that took into account many of her wishes, that explores the instrument and that has some of the challenges of writing a solo piece. It encompasses the lowest and the highest pitches and, while including fast, demanding passages, it concludes in a long and melodic section – perhaps this is what makes the piece?



Order from NB noter

Read watermarked score here:

World premiere

by Clare Farr 15th of September 2021 in Uranienborg Church, Oslo

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