Tre lesninger av det som tilsynelatende…


Wind ensemble


by Nanset Blåseensemble (wind ensemble), with support from Arts Council Norway


ca. 10 min

Full title

“Tre lesninger av det som tilsynelatende er en innspilling som verken er tapt eller funnet.”

The Norwegian title translates to “Three readings of what appears to be a recording that is neither lost nor found”.



Three readings … was commissioned by Nanset Wind Ensemble for the occasion of Olivier Messiaen’s 100th birthday in 2008. His “Oiseaux exotiques” were the inspiration and starting point for my piece.

There is also a shorter, slightly rearranged version named “Messiaen revisited”.


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World premiere

by Nanset blåseensemble, conducted by Odd Terje Lysebo, 1st of February 2009 in Larvik, Norway