Who do you want to be


Piano solo


by Susanne Kessel


ca. 2 min


“Who do you want to be” was commissioned by German pianist Susanne Kessel, who is the woman behind the megalomaniac project “250 piano pieces for Beethoven” – my piece is one of the 250.



Work description from “250 piano pieces for Beethoven’s” website:

“Who do we remember and who do we forget? And why? I wanted to write a piece that referenced something for piano by Beethoven that I had a personal connection to, but at the same time a piece that wasn’t solely about Beethoven. I set out to write a piece that looked at Beethoven and women in his life (his mother and family, women he wrote letters to and love interests) but in the end i focused on just one and the myths that surrounds her.”


Published by Editions Musica Ferrum


World Premiere

by Susanne Kessel at Frauenmuseum Bonn 2nd of February 2020


Other performances


by Susanne Kessel, in Bonn



by Susanne Kessel, in Wuppertal



by asamisimasa (w/ Ellen Ugelvik, piano and Anders Førisdal, narrator) at Resonans Chamber music series in Gjøvik



by Susanne Kessel in Wuppertal

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