with my ear to the ground (at the tips of my fingers)


Piano solo (including keyboard)


by Ellen Ugelvik, with support from Arts Council Norway


ca 12 min


This work builds on and expands the material and premise in my piano concerto “at the tips of my fingers / at the tip of my tongue”. It was commissioned by Ellen Ugelvik for a concert in Sofia, Bulgaria as part of the festival ppIANISSIMO.

Video from the performance during Nordic Music Days


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World premiere

by Ellen Ugelvik, 17th of April 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Other performances


by Neil Georgeson in Southbank Center, London, during Nordiske musikkdager



by Ellen Ugelvik in Tårnsalen, Bergen, as a part of the concert series Avgarde

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Next week I’m on a plane heading to Sofia, Bulgaria! Ellen Ugelvik is is giving a solo recital there, and my brand new piece with my ear to the ground / (at the tips of my fingers) is having its world premiere. More about the concert here! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bente Leiknes…