Krigsbilder (versjon 1.0)


4 women’s voices (with possibilities for other compositions of singers)


by Små Grå, with support from The Norwegian Composers’ fund (for the entirety of “Kaninkostymet”)


ca 8 min (versjon 1.0)


Krigsbilder is a part of “Kaninkostymet”. It uses an open form that leaves many things up to the performers. For “Kaninkostymet” the director, singers and I put together an excerpt that we thought worked well, which is version 1.0.

The piece consists of rhythmic fragments that can be combined in different ways, from groovy to flowing, from bombastic to tentative.

The Norwegian title translates to “War pictures (version 1.0.)”.


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World Premiere

by Små Grå at The House of Literature, Oslo, 17th of April 2009

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