The making of – Cello concerto in 3,5 movements


Cello concerto: Cello solo and sinfonietta


by Oslo Sinfonietta with support from Arts Council Norway


ca. 45 min


How does one write a cello concerto nowadays?

This particular attempt ended up being a cello concerto about a cello concerto, or something else, materializing. The piece is a confrontation with the cello concerto’s history, touches on the composer’s and the soloist’s histories and tries (or gives up on?) balancing the intimate and the exalted. In this process, the soloist and the composer worked together closely.

Other keywords: Haydn, lego, sleep, everyday life, noise, cadenzas, lullabies and practice rooms.

Tanja Orning composed the concerto’s five cadenzas.


Zero: Lullabies & distant practise

One: Inside/outside (with five feeble attempts)

Two: Do you hear me

Three: Play


Order from NB noter

Read watermarked score here:

World Premiere

by Tanja Orning and Oslo Sinfonietta, conducted by Christian Eggen in Marmorhallen, Sentralen as a part of Oslo Chamber Music Festival, 20.08.2017

The making of in the press:

Interview with the cellist and the composer:

In Spillerom’s main program 22.08.2017  (A radio program from the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation)


Mentioned in an arcticle in Ballade about Oslo Chamber Music Festival (Norwegian platform for debates within and news from the music field)

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